27 August - 7 Septembre 2020 : C💖NNECT in PERU

Connect with nature, connect with your true self,

Experience healing sound, ceremony and nature bathing in the most beautiful power places in Peru!

Music, majestic power places and astonishing nature are part of the life of Peruvians. Their connection with Pachamama (Mother Earth), ancient traditions and sacred music is still very much alive today.

During this magical journey we invite you to connect with nature and with Your nature. We follow the example of the Peruvians and connect with Pachamama through sound and ceremony. We experience authentic rituals from the Andes. We sing, sound and chant in ancient places of power, and let ourselves be amazed by the beauty of the land and its people. It allows us to open our hearts and really experience beauty.

Do you hear the calling of Peru? Experience the wonder in each place we visit, experience what it is like just to Be and feel connected with All that Is. Blessings, moments of sharing, stillness and laughter are all part of our journey together.

This journey is much more than "a trip to Peru". Connecting with the country, you also connect with your true self.

Our mission is to give you a safe, life-transforming and healing experience that will be with you forever.

Welcome !

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For information and registration please contact Nathalie by phone or Whatsapp (+32 (0)475 653030) or by mail (nathalie@ayni.be) .  

Peru 2020










We invite you to join us on a magical journey

to discover beauty and to connect with loving energy.