We invite you to join us on one of our magical journeys to discover beauty and to connect with loving energy! Our mission is to give you a safe, transforming and healing experience so that this journey will receive a unique place in your life.

13 - 28 Septembre 2019 : C💖NNECT in PERU

To connect people with the wonder and beauty of nature as with themselves are central here!

Peruvians have a special connection with nature and his fellow man. These are gifts that astonish me each time.  It teaches us to connect from the heart with a huge respect for all that is.

Beyond race, age, culture and gender, I invite you to walk together this journey.  In unity, we will experience ancient traditions from the Andes and connect with the living energy.  

In these transformational times, we will feel what ancient cultures can teach us and what we can mean for them.  

Let yourself inspire, be surprised and enjoy this magical journey in Peru!

You will experience ancient rituals and music in the Sacred Valley, the mixture of Indigenous and Spanish culture in Cuzco, the power of nature with the Q'ero community and finally the soft energy of Lake Titicaca.  Blessings, sharing, moments of silence, laughter, living in the NOW and unity are part of our daily activities.

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1 - 14 Octobre 2019 : SINGing &  BEing in PERU

Connect with sacred power places through healing sound, voice and ceremony. Open your heart, open your voice and nurture the connection with your true self.

Music, majestic power places and astonishing nature are part of the life of Peruvians. Their connection with Pachamama (Mother Earth), ancient traditions and sacred sound still very much live today. They invite us, Westerners, to feel that same connection. It allows us to open our hearts and really experience beauty.  

Do you hear the calling of Peru?  Experience the wonder of every place we visit and the healing benefits of sound and voice in ancient power places. Experience what it is like just to BE.

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For information and registration please contact Nathalie by phone or Whatsapp (+32 (0)475 653030) or by mail (nathalie@ayni.be) .  

Peru 2019