Nathalie Verboven (Inspiror)

Since I can remember I have always been very curious. Fascinated by nature, freedom and "BEing".

So traveling has been central in my life, being drawn to staying with  indigenous communities. I felt they hold important knowledge for us.  

In 2001 I visited for the first time a Quechua community in Peru. In the meantime I visited Peru almost 20 times. It still feels very "at home".

I was deeply touched by their way of sharing, the continious connections they have and the supportsystem within a community.   It has changed my life drastically, from being in my head to being in my heart, from a stressful economically driven life to a connected life.

Before I started up Ayni, I worked over 15 years as marketeer.  I was stressed out and felt something missing. My search to wholeness brought me to a 8-year training to become a shaman (Frank and Kathy Coppieters). I explored non-duality, mindfulness, sophrology, enneagram, transcendental meditation and Reiki. I also became competent as energetic therapist and followed a training integral coaching. All this brought me closer to who I truly am.

I feel as my mission to bring together ancient authentic living communities with westerners. So we can learn from each others wisdom. And grow, in recepect, openness and love.

My coaching skills and qualifications, my commitment and care are guaranties to help people to go thru their processes if they chose to live a connected life, close to and from their heart.


To feel connected is one of the most wonderful things in the world!

                                                                                Nathalie Verboven

From my own experiences I like to inspire others to live from their heart, closer to their passion and essence.

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Thomas, Heber, Gladys, Claudio, Simon, Dulio, Justino

and many more are there each time to help our group having a safe and enjoyable stay. They all have a big heart, know their land and take care of us, each having his/her responsibility and know-how. They are guides, cooks, shamans, vandrivers, weavers and much more.

It is an honor for them to greet you. In a fast growing country, your participation is important to their growth.

Without them, guiding you there would be impossible. In gratitude I honor them, love them and wish you would meet those incredible souls.