Feeling connected is a wonderful thing. Recently I felt more aware of the importance of being connected in life and what benefits this has for my health. 

What is connection? 

Do you know that feeling when you are in nature and that all is just perfect? You are overwhelmed by so much beauty, there are no words to describe that blissfulness. You are experiencing connection from the heart. 

I remember I wanted so much to meet Q’eros people from Peru in 2005. It was a big adventure to get to their community. They live very secluded, a 2-day journey at that time, and it also took me a lot of effort to get there - climbing a 5.000 m - 16.400 ft  pass is one of them. The gift I created was meeting a family where I felt connected. They hardly understood me as they only talk Quechua. So we couldn’t communicate by words. I remember sitting outside while Francesca was weaving and her 6 children were playing. I just sat there and felt such a connection. I was in love with the place, with the people, with the moment. 

Recently I visited a Maya community. Meeting Guadeloupe again was wonderful. We cooked together and magic happened. There was only joy, only the present moment of being content, beyond thinking, beyond words. When I am too much in my head, I go back to that moment of connection. A big smile arises and I feel peace. 

Connection can be experienced every day, every moment, wherever you are. 

Connection goes beyond emotions, it is a deep feeling of gratitude for being here and now. 

Connection is love ❤️