A beautiful story of ayni (reciprocity)


In July 2013 we visited a remote village in the Q'eros region, very high in the Andes. 20 families live there on a beautiful place, surrounded by mountains and lakes. They still live like the Incas a few centuries ago. The closest town is a day of travelling. Since a few years there is a school with 2 classes for the first 6 grades. Their only way to earn money is to sell their textiles which isn't that easy. They asked me to help them with lights on solar panels. This will enable their children to do their homework - it is always dark in their houses. Our guide Cesar gathered some information and on site we did a small demo.  The choice was made, and AYNI could sponsor the project thanks to people who travelled with them. It was agreed that a small amount was to be given, as token of appraisel. One year later the lights were delivered. Last month I could notice that most of the lights were still working and that it was of great help in their daily lives. Thanks to all the people who helped, your contribution is deeply appreciated ! Even if they don't have material comfort, we are still welcome. It is a beautiful project based on reciprocity! 

Peru, Octobre 2014